Shaping a sustainable future.

The strongest partners

The whole is more than the sum of its parts, which is why Buvetex carefully selects the very best partners. To guarantee our quality, each tannery, weaving mill and imitation leather producer is expected to contribute added value to each product with their expertise. Our partners are the strongest and most innovative producers in the market. The materials we use are extensively tested and meet the strictest standards. The sum this generates is known as our Buvetex quality standard.

Focused on wellbeing

Public and environmental health has always been important to Buvetex. Only the best materials that comply with the European regulations are used. Nevertheless, the concept of health has taken on other dimensions since the beginning of 2020. Our antiviral coating provides 99.9% protection against viruses and bacteria.

Sustainable and responsible

To combat climate change, everyone is expected to contribute to their ability. That includes Buvetex as well. However, we see this contribution as a great opportunity. By carefully selecting our partners and subcontractors, we are heading towards a cleaner future.

Our strong preference goes to production companies that stick to UN’s sustainable development goals and which actions are certified by independent 3th parties. We select manufacturer’s for their ISO 14001:2015 compliancy as this certification supports them in achieving their environmental objectives. Our suppliers make maximal use of solar energy, steam recycling for power supply, low temperature processing with low CO2 emission, waste water recovery and water purification systems.

We prefer producers that are REACH and RoHS compliant, as this guarantees a biocompatible product range.

We select mills based on their conformity to Oeko-Tex requirements.

We only cooperate with high-quality producers, making every effort to manufacture long-life products so that production demand can be sustainably decreased.